Future of Travel and Hospitality Swarm Study Cover

The Future of Travel & Hospitality

A Swarm Study conducted in Spring of 2021 from a collective of ideal travelers to predict how attitudes and preferences have changed about travel and hospitality since the pandemic.


  • Both leisure and business travel will bounce back to 2019 levels far faster than travel and hospitality professionals believe.
  • Event and convention managers need to start talking about safety measures in their marketing immediately.
  • Travelers will require only minimal safety protocols when selecting accommodations.
  • Across the study, data in multiple categories point to travelers wanting to be pampered and provided with personalized rewards upon check-in over all others.
  • Vacation rentals are being considered equally with hotels and resorts – now is the time for hotels to dig into the strength of their brand and reputation.
  • Emails, travel sites and print ads are at the bottom of the list of marketing channels that will encourage people to travel.

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